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Henry Rodriguez

Projections Designer and Technician

the ripple the wave that carried me home

projections designer

director: Tamilla Woodard


she kills monsters

projections designer

director: Adrienne Williams

Elixir of Love Thursday 218.jpg

l'elisir d'amore

projections designer

director: Nicola Bowie


director: David Grapes II

projections designer

Working with new equipment to build this world was a challenge. After designing and installing the new system I had the privilege of building a Hackintosh to run the new system.

catch me if you can

assistant projections designer

director: David Grapes II

Working with designer Matt Mott was a pleasure. Bringing this production to life was wondrous. The non representational projections fit well with the world of the show we had come together to make.


she kills monsters

projections design

director: Shelly Gaza

This production was one of particular favor to me. It allowed me to think outside of the box to floor project something magical.

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